Kyna Oglesby-Widermyre


Hello, my name is Kyna Oglesby - Widermyre (K1), and I'm the sales manager and customer service manager for K3o Recognition Awards and Promotional Items.  I epitomize integrity, positive energy, hard work, and creative services in every detail of your specialized order.  I'm based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and my responsibilities in this family ran business is ensuring team K3o are well versed in all, aspects of selling and customer service etiquette. I hold a BA in Marketing and AA in general studies from Columbia College of Missouri. I also have active TX Real Estate License.  I’ve had 16 years of experience in various HealthCare Corporations in the capacity of Analyst, Contract Manager, and Pharmaceutical sales. 



 Keli Oglesby


Hello, my name is Keli Oglesby (K2).  Essentially, my job at K3o’s is the social media platformer/web-based technology manager.  I enable the development, deployment, and management of our social media solutions and services. I oversee the social media campaign, develop our social media and content strategies, posting, talking points, and enhance our company reputation.  When I’m not performing my responsibilities as the social media platform manager, I work as a teacher assistant and I’m a full-time mom. 


Kyle Oglesby-Crawford


Hello, my name is Kyle Oglesby-Crawford (K3), and I'm the office/virtual office manager for K3o Recognition Awards and Promotional Items. It is my responsibility to keep my dad and sisters aligned with the goals of the company. Develop our business objectives, design and implement our business platform and strategies. I received my BA in Business from Auburn University. When I'm not working in the family business, I'm an investigator with Child Protective Services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 


 Susan Oglesby

Hello, my name is Susan Oglesby and, I'm the matriarch of the family company.  I'm responsible for the booking of all business travel, bookkeeping, product ordering, customer service, and all of the employee's.